In 2021, the Polish Society of Allergology assumed the role of the leader of the Coalition for Asthma Treatment which is a joint initiative of representatives of clinicians, public health experts and patients. The aim of the Coalition’s activities is to improve the state of asthma treatment in Poland. The concept of the Coalition was born during the work on the report entitled “Bronchial asthma – a new model of disease management aimed at increasing health value”, developed by the Lazarski University, drawing on the best experiences from other therapeutic areas.
The coalition is a transparent, open, independent and informal association, which will undertake activities aimed at improving the status quo in the field of diagnosis and treatment of asthma in Poland. Activities undertaken by the Coalition will focus on systemic aspects and will include educational, communication and opinion-giving activities. The coalition does not undertake promotional activities, and the activities undertaken by it do not relate to a specific medicinal product or medical device.
The goals of the Coalition and the definition of specific projects implemented under its aegis are the responsibility of the Coalition Presidium, which includes the Polish Society of Allergology, system experts, representation of the patient community and national consultants.
We encourage you to participate and support our activities for millions of people with asthma in Poland!